trees are always your friends
Group Assigments
Person: I have an idea
Me: So did Hitler
this is for a thing don’t mind me

Dear Dan and Phil, when I first started watching your videos I was randomly looking for something to watch. Eventually I went on a YouTube marathon after I saw PINOF. I love how you two tell stories and how you’re so nice to viewers. Your videos never fail to make me smile and you guys have actually made my life more positive. I never thought two people could improve my life so much. I wish I could be at SITC so I could give you this in person but hopefully I can meet you two some other day. I hope you had fun at SITC and if you ever have some time to kill may you could check out my tumblr (susan-in-youtubeland) I love you guys sooooo much and I can’t wait to see whatever videos you have in store for the future ^__^ -Susana(@_vampirefox)


i need to get a real job so i can stop crying over expensive lingerie and start crying in expensive lingerie